Wedding venue all inclusive packages. Scam or Deal?

Are wedding venue all inclusive packages really a deal? Most venue all inclusive packages can be way more expensive and risky to the consumer, than taking the time to seek your own vendors.  When you book an all inclusive package with a venue, you’re taking a HUGE CHANCE putting all your wedding money in one place.  Why do I say this?  If the venue happens to close down prior to your wedding day… Guess what?  YOU JUST LOST ALL YOUR MONEY! say bye to your dream wedding, unless you have extra cash to blow and start over.  Believe it or not, it happens!  Click the recent news link at the end of this article about a Kaufman wedding venue closing it’s doors one month before a couple’s wedding!!! 🙁

Wedding venues partner with vendors  willing to work a deal with them.  The vendor gives the venue a set price for the service, and the venue increases the price and pockets the difference. I’m not going to lie,  our photo and video company was a part of one of these packages years ago,  but when the venue dictated that we could not discuss package pricing with their clients, nor could we advertise our photo and video packages on our own website.  It just did not sit well.  I knew something was wrong and we were not willing to work with a blindfold, so we parted ways.   Since then we have been offered to partner with several Dallas venues, but we believe in complete transparency so we turned them down.

I hope this helps many couples make a wiser decision to prevent enduring such a heartbreaking situation.  If you’re offered an all inclusive package my personal advice would be not to fall in the trap! Book the venue and google your own vendors. is the best and most reliable source to find reputable vendors in your area.  Not to mention vendor reviews!  Always look for vendor reviews on  What are other couples saying about these vendors?  Very important.  Happy planning! 🙂

Kaufman Wedding Venue Shutters 1 Month Before Couple’s Wedding

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